About Me...
After nearly 2 decades of design experience in a variety of professional settings, I find that Graphic Design
is still my pleasure and my passion -- I love to create!

After receiving my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Arts (Western Illinois University), I worked at a high-quality weekly shopper publication (McDonough County Shopper in Macomb, IL). Then my husband & I moved to New York state, where I worked in the Advertising Dept. of The Syracuse Newspapers for 5+ years -- circulation approx. 180,000.
Next, we moved to New Mexico, where I worked as the on-staff graphic designer for the NM Museum of Space
History for 3+ years; there, I designed marketing pieces & publications, was involved with exhibit design, and even developed products for the museum's gift shop. Since 2007, I've been the full-time graphic designer for the New Mexico School for the Blind & Visually Impaired; there, I design various PR pieces, collateral projects, and materials for student events, as well as shepherd the school's small digital printshop. (FishFoot is my "on-the-side" thing.)